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Journalism is meant to focus on issues that are important to society, based on truth and dignity.

As they say, the pen is mightier than the sword. That is why we ensure that news is readily available on time for all our readers.

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We now found ourselves amid the most significant era with so many stories to cover. As we pursue our objective to report every new story, our decisions, the stories, and opinions we publish, our voice in the fight for free speech and free press reflects and defines our commitment to ensure the public accesses information as they hit our radar. 

Within our news media, we remind ourselves of the importance of journalism. We focus on our relevance. We exhibit sensitivity and understanding of what our readers’ experience. We are constantly working through the principles of journalism and the responsibilities we bear. We are dedicated to bringing you the latest news, events, and comments as they unfold to keep you informed and help you make decisions about your life. 

Stay tuned in, share your opinion, report your concerns, and help us keep you and a million other informed on important issues transpiring in society today. 

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What Is Online Digest and How Does It Help the Readers?

A digest is a short version of what you would like to read in a newspaper or hear on your top-of-the-hour news anchorage. An online digest facilitates quick and easy reviews to keep you informed of what happens around you. An online digest is a form of online journalism, and it refers to reporting or distributing news through the internet. The internet has facilitated formal and informal news publication through mainstream media outlets, blogs, and other self-published news stories. The news speed is often changing, and it has increased with the amount of information out there. News stories happen quickly. What used to be reported in a day before audiences go the information is now availed in seconds and live as it unfolds. Online digests allow journalists to publish news instantly, making storytelling more affordable and prompt. Readers now have the opportunity to get real-time news and updates. Accessibility of information is also easy.

Why It Is Important To Get the News in a Timely Manner

The significance of news is to inform and empower. With that in mind, we acknowledge that our purpose as a media platform is to provide you with the information you need to make the best possible decisions about your life, the community, society, and government. And do so promptly; we help you be informed on things as they happen, where, and how. We deliver news promptly to ensure you do not wait for the top of the hour to know what happens around you. 

In our endeavor to keep you updated, we ensure to uphold the five values of news reporting:


We offer immediate, current information and events as they occur. We give you the news that is “new.”

Conflict and Controversy

We care about opinions, ideas, policies, actions, and anything that attracts attention. We highlight problems or differences in society.


We offer immediate, current information and events as they occur. We give you the news that is “new.”

Human Interest

We offer unusual stories of people, crises, and anything you can identify with. We acknowledge that you are interested in things that affect you. 


We provide information that helps you make sound decisions. Our news is a combination of everything relevant, from business, sports to politics and technology. 

Be sure to be the first to know whatever happens around you because we report truthfully and in a timely manner. 

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