How You Can Participate in Governance as an American Citizen

One of the most fundamental rights of a citizen of any nation and particularly a citizen of the United States, is your right to participate in governance. And whether you’re a US citizen by birth, naturalization, marriage, or through your US citizen-parents, democracy in the United States will be incomplete without you.

Democracy, as defined by the respected American President Abraham Lincoln as “government of the people, for the people and by the people allow you, the citizen, to be actively involved in the government’s selection and management. The ability to participate in government is an exclusive right and a golden responsibility which you can’t afford to neglect. Thus, to curb politics apathy- a significant clog in the wheel of any nation’s progress, here are ways you can actively participate in governance as an American citizen.

1.  Vote During Elections

In any country or state that practices democracy, elections are the primary determinants of such a characteristic democratic nation’s validity. An election is a people’s process by which citizens who’re the electorates can choose responsible candidates to represent their interests and steer the societal rudder for a specific period. In the United States, presidential elections get held every four years, specifically November, while congressional elections occur every two years.

While presidential elections are given prominence in many nations, as a citizen who’ve satisfied the official voting age, eighteen years, you’ve got to participate in every credible poll in the US. Yet, presently in the United States, it’s a unique period when as an eligible citizen, you can take advantage of your right to select the rightful presidential electors of your choice who’ll choose the presidential candidates on December 14, 2020. Lack of elections in a state or country can lead to monarchy, dictatorship, and authoritative governance in which the minority rules and the majority suffers.

To avoid this in the United States, consider participating in the forthcoming election actively, and choosing the right candidates-electors. As a responsible American citizen, the nation’s interests should, as a matter of fact, trump every personal ambitions or goals. In choosing your preferred candidates, consider placing the nation’s growth and progress as a priority criterion to guide your choice.

2.  Attend Political Conferences and Debates

Although the constitution doesn’t specifically ensure presidential debates, they’ve become a vital culture attending the presidential elections, which you’ve got to participate in as a citizen. While presidential debates aren’t and shouldn’t be the only determinant of your selection, they can serve as excellent litmus tests to know whom you can choose. Similar to how a comprehensive review can help you choose the best devices for smoking wood flavor and smoking ribs in electric smokers.

Notably, it hasn’t been specified whether there’ll be on-stage presentation or audience due to the current ravaging coronavirus pandemic, but whatever the organizational’s mode, consider participating irrespective of your desired candidates. Consider attending every reasonable political conference and debate, which can help you make the right decisions politically.

3.  Pay Your Tax

In the US, typically lost revenue and deliberate errors as tax evasion amount to $458bn per year. As an American citizen, paying your taxes timely and regularly is an effective way you can participate in governance. The government’s primary revenue source is the income taxes, and therefore evading your tax payments denies the government’s ability to perform necessary obligations and tasks if all citizens act likewise. The government can perform responsibilities such as providing public or utility goods if you participate in governance by paying your taxes timely.

4.  Obey the US Constitution

Rules and regulations are fundamentals of any society, including a democratic state, as the US. There are US essential laws that you’ve got to be conversant with and obey then accordingly. Governance includes the making of rules and regulations that guides citizens’ behaviors and conducts. Consider making government effective by following the laws and regulations of the land.


As an American citizen, we can’t overemphasize your role in the nation’s growth and development.  Without you, governance is ineffective. Thus, participate in government, avoid being a passive citizen, and let’s uplift the nation tremendously.

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