The Evolution of Reader’s Digest: Adapting to the Digital Age

Businesswomen using a digital tablet at work

What began as humble beginnings in 1920, when DeWitt Wallace and his wife Lila Acheson Wallace founded what would become Reader’s Digest magazine has now evolved to one of the world’s most beloved magazine publications. Over the years, Readers Digest has adapted to many changes- from print to digital format and new challenges from competitors […]

5 Tools Every Journalist Needs In Their Toolkit

When it comes to being a journalist, having the right tools in your toolkit is essential. It can make the difference between getting the story and not getting the story. These tools can range from a laptop to a notepad and everything in between. But no matter what, these five tools will help you get […]

What Is The Purpose Of Journalism?

Journalism is the activity of investigating and reporting events and issues. It is practiced by journalists, who are professionals who collect, write, and distribute news and other information. Journalists work in a variety of settings, including newspapers, magazines, television news organizations, radio stations, and online news sites. The purpose of journalism is to provide a […]

The Top 6 Most Obese Countries In The World

Obesity is a major problem around the world. In this article, we’ll explore the top 6 most obese countries in the world and what they are doing to combat obesity. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines obesity as “abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that may impair health.” It’s no secret that obesity can lead to […]

How to increase website traffic

There are many ways to increase website traffic. One way is by using a blog post intro paragraph that grabs the reader’s attention and engages them to read more. This can be done through humor, shocking facts, or important information in order to get people invested in what you have to say. • Gather ideas […]

How You Can Participate in Governance as an American Citizen

One of the most fundamental rights of a citizen of any nation and particularly a citizen of the United States, is your right to participate in governance. And whether you’re a US citizen by birth, naturalization, marriage, or through your US citizen-parents, democracy in the United States will be incomplete without you. Democracy, as defined […]

What Americans Need to Know About Water Safety

The US can boasts of drinking quality and safe water thanks to its competent state officials. However, as much as the government does its best to provide clean water, handling it at home or in the industries is the main challenge. Besides, the type of water you also consume is also a significant part of […]

8 Important Laws You Need to Know as an American Citizen

The founding fathers designed the United States Constitution based on the belief that all Americans have the right to civil liberties, life, and the pursuit of happiness. Rights are legitimate, collective, or moral codes of freedom or privilege. The Bill of Rights was included in the U.S. Constitution to define the rights of American citizens […]

Top 5 Types of Gun Accessories for Gun Owners

Gun ownership can be incredibly rewarding! You learn how to shoot, spend fun times at the range, and maintain the responsibility for your gun. But then… What drives you to own a gun? According to an article published in the Guardian, people actively want guns for various reasons. Anger, paranoia, and insecurity are some drivers […]