About Us

About the Founder Robert M. Fitch

Robert M. Fitch is a publishing guru and the founder of the Hibernian Digest. He has been a developer of popular journalism and exercises vast influence over what makes news. His zeal and commitment to ensure free speech and free media have motivated his passion for journalism and news reporting. Robert M. Fitch continues to share stories through his editorial team with thousands of audiences monthly and looks to expand his media territories as far as possible. 

Mission and Vision

Our vision is to be a news hub for our readers and followers. 

Our mission is to be a leading provider of timely information, news, and solutions for our readers and online community. 

While we keep journalism values at the heart of our reporting, we also strive to inform our online community and offer solutions to help them in their daily lives. 

We value journalism. Through the founder, Robert M. Fitch, we strive to foster integrity and responsibility to society.